Lee University Verification


(Please read these instructions carefully.  Some options have recently changed.)


  • Degree Verifications cannot be filled for individuals who owe a balance, that is, have a financial hold on their account or has not satisfactorily settled all accounts. No exceptions can be made. To clear a financial hold, please call the Business Office @ 423.614.8100 so that we can process your degree verification request.
  • Please allow 2 business days for processing. During peak times, such as registration at the beginning of each term or returning from Christmas break, processing time may increase. Please request accordingly.
  • To ensure that we release your educational record properly, a picture ID will be needed when picking up verifications.
  • Verifications not claimed within 30 days will be shredded. A new request can be submitted at any time.


  • Enrollment Verification – Verifies dates of attendance, current enrollment status (full-time, part-time, less-than-part-time), and term start/end dates. Most of these requests can be filled through the National Student Clearinghouse.  Current term enrollment information will be available online from the National Student Loan Clearinghouse (NSLC) in mid-September through December for Fall Term and in mid-February through May for Spring Term.  The link for this instant self-service is http://www.mystudentcenter.org/i-am-an-undergrad.php#verify-my-current-enrollment. If you need current term enrollment info before it is available via NSLC, please “accept terms” and click “Continue to Form” below for access to the form that can be faxed to the Lee University Records Office. Companies verifying student enrollment need to fax their request on letterhead with a signed release from the student.
  • Degree Verification – Verifies the degree received (B.S., B.A., M.S.) and the date the degree was conferred. Companies verifying a student’s degree need to fax their request on letterhead with a signed release from the student.
  • Good Student Discount – Applies to car insurance only. A form is provided by your insurance company. Fill out this online form and fax or mail both forms together to the Records Office. (See contact info below.)
  • Pre-registration for Upcoming Semester – Verifies that the student plans to attend Lee and has pre-registered as a full/part time student. Courses & sections (full schedule) for the upcoming semester must be complete on WebAdvisor in order for this request to be fulfilled.

Fill out this form, then print, sign, and date it. Then either fax or mail your request.

  • Fax signed form to 423.614.8204 to the Lee University Records Office.

  • Mail signed form to:
    Lee University Records Office
    P.O. Box 3450
    Cleveland, TN 37320-3450
  • If you experience problems, please call the Lee University Records office at 423.614.8200.

I have read these instructions in their entirety. I understand and accept the stated terms and conditions for processing this request.