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A New IT in Town
By Kelsie Bowman

Say goodbye to the current because Lee is preparing to revamp and relaunch the university’s website.

The new site will feature fresh content and powerful images that connect viewers to the “Lee story,” a story and experience that is believed to be unlike any other. Elements such as social media integration, raw video footage and high-impact photography will contribute to the new look and feel of the site.

“We want to give viewers the ‘Lee experience’ electronically,” Nate Tucker, director of IT Systems, said.

And who is better to tell the Lee story than those who have experienced it for themselves? Thus, Lee was excited to involve two alumni-led companies in a collaboration that will bring the project to life: the Whiteboard Network and the Alderman Group.

When the decision was first made to overhaul the site, a call was sent out for graphic designers. Thirty-six responded, one conference call was made, and six concepts were submitted. It was from these concepts that the Whiteboard Network was selected.

The Whiteboard Network, headed up by recent Lee graduates Taylor Jones and Eric Brown, just so happens to house a passion for storytelling. It describes itself as “a creative agency for fresh ideas and purposeful ventures.”

“I wouldn’t trade my Lee experience for anything in the world,” Taylor said. “I feel like I have my own piece of the Lee story to tell.”

This creative company does not only deal in graphic design. The Whiteboard Network is devoted to telling the stories of visionaries through several different mediums, including web platforms and film.

If the Whiteboard Network is telling the Lee story through graphics and design, the Alderman Group is doing the same through the written word.

When Lee’s IT department caught wind of the Alderman Group and the type of content that they produce, a deal was made and a partnership was born.

Two of the Alderman Group’s senior partners are Lee alumni Rob Alderman and Cari Shanks.

“My life was shaped by Lee,” Rob said, “The project is really near and dear to us.”

The university assigned the company the weighty task of filling the new website with effective content and copy. So, for the past weeks, members of the Alderman Group have been meeting with several different departments within Lee to learn exactly what content needs to be visible on the new site.

The company specializes in brand protection and effective communication. In order to do their jobs, Rob and Cari delve deeply into the organizations they work with as they strive to understand their clients and deliver a fantastic product.

While the process has involved a lot of hard work, meetings and brainstorming, the university is confident and proud that the project is in the right hands—hands of people who are passionate about Lee because they are personally involved in its story.